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Discover untold stories, insider insights, and behind-the-scenes secrets from Natural History filmmakers, commissioners and broadcasters. For exclusive interviews with extraordinary individuals…

Your Podcast for Wildlife Filmmaking.

Join us for captivating stories of success from trailblazing individuals and find inspiration through the beauty of natural history storytelling. Whether it’s capturing the sounds of the wilderness or working on iconic series like National Geographic’s Queens, each episode offers a unique insight into the world of wildlife filmmaking.

Episode Eight Out Now

Episode Eight is all about finding YOUR story. Wildlife filmmaker Ashwika Kapur talks about the challenges and opportunities that have shaped her career.

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Meet Your Host

Carina Thomas is a Natural History Producer/Director with over a decade of experience working with renowned industry giants like the BBC, Netflix, Discovery+, and National Geographic on iconic series including Earthsounds, David Attenborough’s Life in Colour, Yellowstone Live and the BAFTA award-winning Big Blue Live.

Carina works as an activist and advocate for increased access, diversity and inclusivity within the Natural History Filmmaking industry and hosts the Wild Film Hub podcast.

Carina Thomas

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