Wild Film Hub

Opening the door to a world of wildlife filmmaking opportunities.

Our Story

Wild Film Hub was founded in 2023 by Producer / Director Carina Thomas. The podcast was created to show the challenges and wonders of the natural world through the lens of talented filmmakers. Our mission: no information for individuals should be hidden behind paywalls. Let’s ask the tough questions and drive positive change together!

The Hub has now expanded to empower and connect filmmakers through news and guides. It also offers paid consultation to Production Companies and Broadcasters that build diversity, equality, inclusion, and sustainability in the natural history industry.

Our Unique Value Proposition


Industry Podcast

Creating an inclusive platform for aspiring and seasoned Natural History Filmmakers.


Personal Development

Explore our latest updates, featuring articles that support podcast topics and guides that help accelerate career development.


Professional Guidance

Offering consultation services to broadcasters and production companies for creating impactful factual series.

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